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A Level Business Studies – Leadership lessons at the National Maritime Museum

What has the National Maritime museum got to do with Business Studies?  More than you’d think.  The Salford City Council website pointed me in the direction of the NMM website where I discovered quite a lot on offer for schools across the key stages.

In particular, for A-Level and Applied A-Level Business Studies, The Leading Lives Study Day offers an innovative approach to delivering some of the key principles of the A-level and Applied A-level Business Studies specifications.  Each interactive study focuses students on the compelling story of either Elizabeth I or Ernest Shackleton, two very different leaders in Britain’s history.

There are also some free online resources on the topic of What makes a good leader, examining leadership and management skills through the story of Horatio Nelson.

Download Teacher’s Resources including activities, quizzes and activity cards, that provide an insight into how the modern business world can learn from history.

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