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Business: Ansoff’s Matrix

A useful tool for all A2 units is Ansoff’s matrix and I find it useful to teach this using businesses that students are able to identify with and understand.

I have been looking at the recent development with McDonalds and thought it could be a good way of getting the students to understand the concept.

“The global chain, whose best-known product is the Big Mac burger in a bun, says it will be its first vegetarian outlet.” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19479013

I would get students to read the 2 news articles on McDonalds opening in India as a vegetarian restaurant, and to look at the McDonalds website – as well as looking at the video clip from you tube below. It does actually turn out that McDonalds ISN’T vegetarian as it sells chicken and fish – but is different from the ‘typical’ Big Mac as there is no beef on the menu!

They can also research the McDonalds website for different countries to see the adaptions they make to the menus to fit the different cultures across the world.




Once they have done this get them to think about the differing strategies that McDonalds uses both here in the UK and also in India- this can be as simple as having different menus etc.

You could then teach the theory of Ansoff’s matrix, there is some good information here from Tutor2U –


The students should then be able to start identifying McDonalds will each of the strategies as you discuss the theory.


Ask students to then fill in the table below with where they think McDonalds have used certain strategies.

Follow up questions

  • What evidence is there to show that the vegetarian restaurant’s in India will be a success?
  • Do you think that McDonalds is still achieving its aims and objectives in this new venture?
  • To what extent do you think that this strategy will prove less risky for a company such as McDonalds?

Donna Jestin

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