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What are these articles for?  You will be hard pressed to find much in any of the A-level specifications which relate to an extensive knowledge about Tetrapod evolution!  There are other considerations however.  This series of articles introduces material which certainly is within the A-level cannon and in a context which I hope is interesting to you.  I say this about my own experience of A-level, but I suspect this also is true for you: there is no point in keeping on reading the same material over and over again.  A new view is often helpful in widening our understanding and, my central purpose, to deepen our gratitude to be a human in this wonderful world.

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Here is a list of topics which have had a shake-out in the series:

Bioblog Title Topics Covered
19 To Begin at the Beginning ·         Evolution: Protocells and reliance on RNA

·         Cell Structure

·         Structure and Function of RNA(s) and DNA

20 None ·         Evolution: the Eukaryotic Cell

·         Classification

·         Relationships between structure and function of major life groups

·         Cell membrane structure

21 The Eukaryotic Cell Cook Book ·         Cell structure

·         The origin of cell organelles

·         Membranes

22 Legs: origins ·         Cladistic Taxonomy

·         Use of Cladograms

·         Vertebrate structure

23 Something Fishy ·         Evolution

·         Ancestral vertebrate structure

24 When Fish Wore Armour: enter the Placoderms ·         Cladograms

·         Predation

·         Evolution, convergent evolution

·         Vertebrate structure

·         Genetics

26 Let’s Hear It For Legs! ·         Predator-Prey relationships

·         Methods of Gaseous Exchange

·         Effect of Habitat Loss/Degradation

·         Countercurrent Flow

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