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Letter to Rexi

The following submission was sent to a website designed to support those struggling to recover from anorexia nervosa.  Alicia’s dramatic declaration of her determination to liberate herself from this illness may be something that you might wish to share with your students during their PSHE lessons as stimulus for research and discussion.

It does invite consideration of the following questions:

What is anorexia nervosa?
How is it different from dieting?
What causes it?
Why is it affecting so many young people?
Why does it affect girls more than boys?
What other types of eating disorders are there?
What sources of advice / support are there for young people with eating disorders?

The following Google search terms will help your students should you wish them to conduct research into the above issues:

causes of anorexia
effects of anorexia
anorexia support groups uk
famous people with eating disorders

‘Letter to Rexi’ written by Alicia Siddons, Warsaw, Poland
Introduction written by Peter Morrison

Download ‘Letter to Rexi’

The material has been used with the full knowledge and consent of all relevant parties.

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