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National Storytelling Week – Collins’ top 10 stories to share with your class

It’s National Storytelling Week and here at Collins we love nothing more than a good story and a celebration of sharing great tales, classic stories and a love of reading. Here’s some of our favourite engaging stories that are guaranteed to inspire a love of storytelling in every child in your classroom:

1. Great Expectations

Great Expec

Following the life of Pip, a poor lonely orphan in Victorian England, everything changes when he becomes friends with the wealthy Estella. But can Pip leave his past behind? This inspired retelling is written by Whitbread award-winning author Hilary McKay.

Band 15/Emerald




2. Black Beauty

Black beautyA retelling of Anna Sewell’s classic adventure story of Black Beauty as he starts life carefree in the field with his mother, and is then sold from owner to owner. Will he survive as his treatment gets worse and worse, and will he ever find an owner worthy of his unending loyalty?

Band 16/Sapphire




3. Frankenstein


When Frankenstein creates a monster, he never expects it to be such a huge threat to society, what will he have to do to stop it, and can he succeed before any more damage is done? Explore the fascinating dilemma of nature versus nurture in Mary Shelley’s unforgettably dark thriller

Band 18/Pearl



4. Rumpelstiltskin


Daisy longs to marry the king, but he wants her to prove herself first. Daisy asks for help from an unlikely friend, but finds herself making promises she can’t keep.

The dramatic story of this crafty goblin, who has remained a firm favourite down the ages, is brought to life through the beautiful illustrative style of Caroline Romanet.

Band 09/Gold


5. Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

When governess Jane Eyre goes to work at Thornfield Hall and meets the mysterious Mr Rochester, her life finally feels like it’s going right. Until the strange woman in the attic threatens everything. Charlotte Bronte’s epic classic is beautifully retold here by award-winning author Julie Berry.

Band 18/Pearl




6. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

A brand new Alice for children today to enjoy, beautifully retold and illustrated by multi-award-winning author Emma Chichester Clark, which captures the original tale faithfully and loyally but with makes it accessible for a whole new generation.

Band 16/Sapphire




7. Pinocchio


Remind yourself of the enchanting story of Pinocchio, by Pinocchio, retold here by the multi-award winning author Michael Morpurgo and beautifully illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark. A truly beautiful edition that brings this classic tale back to life.

Band 15/Emerald




8. Aladdin and the Genies


Vivian French tells this well-known, much loved traditional tale of Aladdin, the magical genies and Aladdin’s wishes. Will he find happiness with his riches and beautiful wife, or will evil magician Kadar Ghazi steal everything from him?

Band 14/Ruby




9. Puss n’ Boots

Puss n' Boots

A fun, lively retelling of the traditional tale of Puss and how he helps the miller’s son when he’s given a bag and a pair of boots. Find out how he changes Sam’s fortunes in a series of clever, cunning tricks.

Band 12/Copper




10. The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of OzRediscover the wonderful story of Dorothy’s adventures in Oz, with new friends the Scarecrow, Lion and Tinman, as they come up against good witches and wicked witches in their quest to find the Wizard, who promises to save them all in very different ways. Will Dorothy ever find the way home? Find out in this gripping retelling by Abie Longstaff.

Band 13/Topaz



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