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Business News Quiz – 12.12.11

Any student sitting the AQA Unit 4 exam in January will know the need to understand what is happening in the current business environment; use these quizzes as a revision tool and as discussion points for your students.

For example, the question on South Korean interest rates at 3.25% – you could ask students to compare this rate to that of the UK at 0.5% or even America  at 0.25%, this could give a good compare and contrast point. The question will also allow you to discuss what is currently happening with the Eurozone crisis and the wider affect it has on countries around the world.

Another good question to discuss would be, considering the dominance of Apple & Google Android in the download market, Google and its Android system are very quickly catching up with Apple, why is this, what competitive advantage do they have? You could also apply Porter’s % forces here to look at the level of competition in this market.

Here is the latest ‘Business News Quiz’. Download the Word version (with answers) to print off and use with your classes here!

  1. Apple announced in July that 15 billion app’s had been downloaded from their store how many have been downloaded from Google’s Android Market?
    5 billion ( )
    10 billion( )
    20 billion ( )
    15billion ( )
  • Tesco said it is seeing the impact on consumers of rising unemployment and rising living costs, by how much have sales at Tesco’s UK stores fallen in recent weeks?
    1.5%( )
    0.5 %( )
    1.3%( )
    0.9%( )
  • US banking giant, Citigroup, has said it is to cut how many jobs around the world in an effort to reduce its costs?
    1500 ( )
    2500 ( )
    4500 ( )
    3000 ( )
  • Australia’s economy grew more than expected in the third quarter, at 2.5% what is it claimed is the reason for this growth?
    Tourism ( )
    Increased retail spending( )
    Building and mining ( )
    The hot weather( )
  • Central banks in New Zealand and South Korea have kept interest rates on hold, citing fears of the impact of the debt crisis in Europe.New Zealand kept rates unchanged at 2.5%, while South Korea held its cost of borrowing at what level?
    1.25% ( )
    3.25%( )
    0.25%( )
    2.5% ( )
  • A series of private pictures of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have been posted online by “hackers” to highlight a bug in the social network, how many users does Facebook have?
    950 million( )
    750 million ( )
    650 million ( )
    850 million ( )
  • Food giant Kraft Foods is to cut 200 jobs despite planning to spend £50m on chocolate and biscuit manufacturing, which UK Company did they buy in 2010?
    Cadbury ( )
    Innocent ( )
    Morrison’s ( )
    Arla Foods( )
  • Who is the last girl left in The Young Apprentice final this year?
    Haya Al Dlame ( )
    Zara Brownless ( )
    Hayley Forrester ( )
    GbemiOkunlola( )
  • Economic growth in the UK “remains subdued” and output will not reach 2008 levels until what year? The National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) has said.
    2012 ( )
    2013 ( )
    2014( )
    2015( )
  • Basic bank account holders at which bank could face more frequent charges of up to £28 a day, if they fail to have sufficient funds in their accounts?
    Barclays ( )
    HSBC ( )
    Natwest ( )
    Santander( )
Donna Jestin

Teacher of Business Studies Notre Dame College & Senior Examiner for AQA

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