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Secondary History – The Richard Holmes Memorial Prizes

In 2015, Britain and Europe will commemorate the 200th anniversary of the end of the Napoleonic Wars  (1792-1815). The war more or less ended with a clash of giants – on one side the Allied armies, led by the First Duke of Wellington, the Prince of Orange and Prince Marshal Blücher and on the other the army of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte – on the fields of what was to become Belgium, south of a little village called Waterloo.

The Waterloo Association supports study of the Battle of Waterloo and a myriad of allied issues. It was founded by the 8th Duke of Wellington and others, in 1973. Waterloo200, an offshoot of the Waterloo Association is the official body, set up to support, network and advise on the bicentennial commemorations.

The Waterloo Association is to award prizes for two submissions by school students:

Firstly, a project design competition for 11-14 year-olds (KS3), which should consist of an article of around 2,500 words suggesting ideas/proposals for the use of a reconstructed derelict chateau (Hougoumont), as a memorial to the British Army, also a visitor and education centre. This farm was a key defence area for the Duke during the Battle of Waterloo.

Secondly, an article/essay written by a student of 16-19 years (KS5) of around 5,000 words, on an unusual, controversial or novel aspect of the Battle of Waterloo.

The prizes, which are to be awarded annually, from at least 2013 to 2016 (so covering the years 2012/13/14/15), are each entitled the ‘Richard Holmes Memorial Prize’, in memory of Professor Richard Holmes OBE, TD, who was an iconic figure in military history. He sadly died in 2010.

Prizes of £150 (for 2012/13/14) and £200 in 2015 for the KS3 project and £200 for the KS5 essay (for 2012/13/14) and £300 in 2015, will be awarded for the best submissions by the two groups.

The judges for both submissions have been selected from historians and teachers. The winners of the first prizes will probably be announced in the 2013 Summer Journal of the Waterloo Association and the winning submissions published therein.

Both entries should be original in research and ideas. They will be judged by people who know these subjects well.

The submissions should be sent in electronic form to MKH Crumplin, Education Lead for Waterloo 200  by Christmas Day, 2012.

Application forms can be obtained from the above person by e-mail. Please note – a disclaimer will be required be signed.

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