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Secondary Maths – Simply take a set of white cards

Simply take … A set of white cards

This is an activity that could be used to improve students understanding of types of number.
Students could work in pairs initially, checking the problems that they write for each other before passing them on to other students to solve.

Using mini whiteboards ask each student to write a number in the centre of their board.
• Around the number write four facts about their number then…ask them to delete the number they have chosen.

To focus on specific types of numbers you could ask them to
– include key words
– use any particular description only once

• Students can then pass their board to their partner and ask them to identify what number
could go in the centre.
• Their partner may well find more than one possible solution.
They could work together to find as many solutions as possible to each of their problems
• The level of challenge could be increased by asking them to find a set of four  descriptions so that there is a unique solution to their problem
• Once the students are ready they can exchange boards with other pairs, and solve each other’s problems

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