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How long have we accumulatively spent searching through the reams of videos that have been uploaded to You Tube in the hopes of finding a video clip to help our students to explore big social or global issues such as war or the environment and how useful would it be if we could find those rare clips that show different opinions and beliefs?!

Welcome to True Tube. This website has been a god-send in assisting me with short and relevant video clips, to bring not just the issues but different beliefs and opinions into the classroom in a way that engages students. I have found this website particularly useful for my GCSE religious studies classes as a means of introducing a controversial topic or moral issue and sparking a discussion or debate, as well as allowing me to introduce different opinions and views, especially those from a faith perspective. There are also some very good resources for KS3 RE as well, such a ‘Holy Cribs’ which are tours of various places of worship by young people and clips explaining the 5 K’s of Sikhism and Muslim prayer.

The website is well laid out and provides a really good range of free resources. Video clips are primarily sorted into 9 categories (Body and Health, Crime, Culture, the Earth, Ethics and Religion, Global, Jobs and Money, Relationships and Society) that you can click on and browse through, however each video clip has a number of key words linked to it, so if there is something specific that you are looking for, you can simply type in ‘Drugs’ and ‘Buddhism’ and it will list any clips that may be useful or relevant to you. The video clips provide a fresh and young approach to social and moral issues, which students can relate to. There is also a ‘staff room’ on the website which provides some thought provoking and interactive assembly plans and lesson plans which can give some ideas on how to further develop the information from the video clips within your lesson.

Teresa Langler
Head of Beliefs and Values
Clyst Vale Community College

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