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Shakespeare Activity Sheet – years 4-6

Learning Focus: To recognise that our language has many origins and is constantly growing, changing and adapting.

To identify common words and phrases that were coined by Shakespeare
In the following passage there are TWENTY phrases or sayings that have been attributed to Shakespeare. Can you sort out the wheat from the chaff? (Another one!)

What a Cheeky Boy!

I’d just put the washing in the washing machine, turned it on and as luck would have it, water gushed out of the door.

“It’s not the be all and end all,” said my husband, “it seems to have been going forever and a day although I think it’s breathed its last!”

I replied that I couldn’t do without one so said,

“OK, let’s put our best foot forward and go and buy a new one.”

We went to Machine-O-Mart to get a new one and the salesman came over and said how much he liked Darren’s new trousers, I guess he was just breaking the ice. The price was £200 and Darren tried to get a discount for cash but the salesman wouldn’t budge an inch. That was cold comfort, especially as the old machine was as dead as a doornail.

My Darren wouldn’t give up though and although it took forever and a day, he managed to get a fiver knocked off and free delivery.

The salesman wasn’t too happy though and as we left I thought I heard him say ‘Good riddance’ under his breath.

When we arrived home, our Terry was there filling his face. He eats me out of house and home does that lad. We’re much better off now he’s left home and we finally have some elbow room in the kitchen.

“That’s seen better days!” he said, pointing to the washing machine.

Truth be told, it was a sorry sight.

Next thing he asks if he can borrow a hundred pounds.  The so and so, my own flesh and blood, right after we’ve just spent out £195 so I can do his washing for him – I should have sent him packing!

He has got a heart of gold though, our Terry, and it turns out he was borrowing it to give us towards the washing machine.

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