Parade of the Pipers cover and double page spread

Celebrating Travelling communities in “Parade of the Pipers”

Richard O’Neill is a sixth generation master storyteller and author from the Romany tradition. He is the co-author of ‘Parade of the Pipers’ from the new collection of contemporary fairy tales from Collins Big Cat. Growing up, I developed a fondness for the story of the pied piper. Read More

Light Night

In Light Night, I wanted to write about a character who, like me, finds the dark days of winter difficult. A lot of people do find winter hard, and it can sometimes be a lonely time. I wanted to let readers know that if they feel like this, they’re not alone. And I wanted to share the joy of our special light night in the park.   Read More

Teaching every child to read!

We are determined to teach every child to read, so we have developed different programmes to ensure you can meet the needs of all your leaners.  Read More

Q&A with Poppy O’Neill, author of ‘Hello Feelings’

Why this book? I think the key to emotional wellbeing is feeling comfortable with our emotions. On top of difficult emotions themselves – like fear or sadness – many of us also feel anxious about feeling these emotions: whether it’s OK to feel them, whether we can talk about or… Read More
Young school children sitting around a teacher playing guitar

Demystifying the primary music curriculum

There’s a lot going on in music education right now! For primary non-specialist teachers keeping up with all the reports, acronyms and edu-jargon can seem like an overwhelming task. In this blog, we will unpick some of the latest developments in the primary music curriculum and find out what teachers… Read More

Books Like Us

I remember visiting the library in Doncaster when I was nine. One time, I spotted something surprising peeping out from a low shelf. ‘Johnny and the Bomb’ by Terry Pratchett. There it was – Johnny! My name! What stuck with me more than the story itself was the euphoria of… Read More

How Snap Science can support you in delivering primary science

As you may be aware, Ofsted published a research review into high-quality science education. It has generated discussion between primary science educators, introduced some new terminology and stimulated reflection on current practice. Ofsted also draws upon its research review when it inspects schools. For all these reasons, it is important… Read More

Taking a whole-school approach to wellbeing

Wellbeing is more than just mental health. It encompasses physical wellness, a sense of belonging, social inclusion and basic needs such as food, safety and shelter. If we consider this broader sense of wellbeing it becomes clear we must consider it to for our pupils to achieve and be successful. Read More
Listen and Celebrate cover

Nate Holder’s journey to Listen and Celebrate

I’m really excited about Listen & Celebrate, a new book I’ve co-written with Helen MacGregor and published with Collins Music. It’s designed for KS1 and KS2 teachers interested in introducing pupils to music created around the world and across history. This book aims to be a resource that… Read More