Primary Art

Fibonacci Day – 23rd November

Leonardo Fibonacci lived in the 12th and 13th century and was considered the greatest western mathematician of the Middle Ages. He helped to replace Roman numerals with the Arabic ones we know today but his most famous legacy is the Fibonacci Series, a number sequence from which comes a number known variously as the Golden Mean, the Golden Number or the Golden Ratio which mirrors the proportion seen in nature and perceived beauty. In this series of activities, pupils will investigate the sequence and see how the numbers discovered can be found in nature. Read More

Maths – Enrichment Games

Maths is fun to many anyway but you can make it even more fun and develop a deeper understanding of the processes involved by introducing more fun and practical activities. There are many ways to introduce fun activities and here, we share six of our favourites. Activity One: Function Steps… Read More


When it shines, we’re all aware of the passage of the sun and the shadows it creates. This activity allows the pupils to investigate shadows created by the sun and to use them to tell the time. There’s added extension in this activity as the pupils find that the ‘clock’… Read More

Science – Outdoor Art and Science

With the warmer summer weather on its way, there’s no better time to take science out to where it all happens and at the same time, incorporate a little art into the mix. These activities work for a range of ages and will ensure fun is had along with the… Read More

English – The General Election

May 7 saw the political parties battle it out to see who would govern the UK for the next five years. It’s possible to do a topic on the election in two different ways, one focusing on the actual politics, the other on the election process which is what this set… Read More

Maths: Shape

Activity 1: Tessellation Suitable for: Year 2 to Year 6 Learning Focus: Identify and use the properties of simple and more complex shapes to explain tessellation To be able to create a shape that tessellates and explain why it does   Tessellations are a fun maths and art… Read More

Primary – using The Olympics in Art

Activity One – Photo Montage Year 1 to Year 6 The Olympics will be covered in great detail by the world’s media and whilst millions of words will be written about the games we’re going to focus on the adage that says ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. Read More

Art Activities for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Activity One – Installation Art EYFS to Year 6 The schools I have worked at have all had some installation art for significant events in the school’s history or for national events and I think that the queen’s diamond jubilee warrants a piece of art that will remain on… Read More

Primary General – Fruit and Vegetables

Getting children to have ‘5-a-Day’, five portions of fruit and vegetable a day, is a thankless task and leads to many sticky moments in parenting and in the dinner queue at school! These fun activities will help children see that fruit and vegetables aren’t all poisonous and will encourage them… Read More