How to add context to your GCSE 9-1 Computer Science lessons

One thing you can say about Computer Science as a teaching subject is that it certainly isn’t static! The nature of computing, new technology, processing speeds and programming language developments means that to stay relevant the courses that support it need to be ‘patched’ on a regular basis. I’ve… Read More

Coding’s Back in Town – Let’s Use it to Inspire Maths

  For me utilising coding in mathematics lessons started in my first school job. I was asked, “as a maths person can you code?” “Yes” was my response and off I went. I began by teaching students how to write retro-games such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man as… Read More

Introducing Very Simple Computing

Computing in the curriculum is a really hot topic at the moment and one which is worrying a lot of ICT teachers, who may not have a computing background. There are many of the ICT teaching fraternity who are completely self taught and this is another opportunity to gain some… Read More