Football hitting the net

Is football coming home? A sociological question

From its humble beginnings to a now multi-million-pound industry, the ‘beautiful game’ is an economic asset, a cultural hallmark, a political (excuse the pun) football, and a social barometer. For these reasons, football and the recent Euros demand sociological analyses: they provide an extraordinary lens through which we… Read More

All about Rio: Lesson Ideas

This summer the Olympics, the biggest sporting event on earth, arrive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Major sporting events are a great excuse for finding out about different countries and cultures and the Olympics are no exception. Through these activities, pupils will gain an understanding of life in Brazil and how… Read More

Teaching activities to celebrate Euro 2016

Fans of English football will recognise that this summer marks the 50th anniversary of England beating Germany in 1966 to win the World Cup. Fifty years on, England, with their array of footballing stars, will be seeking a Euro win after winning all of their qualifying matches. This series of activities will help your class get into the excitement of Euro 2016 whilst learning new skills and knowledge. Read More

Probability and the Brazil World Cup 2014

The games of the FIFA World Cup offer a great chance to work on probability using data read from charts. In the first activity the pupils will try to predict the results of group matches in three groups using FIFA rankings, the recent form of the teams and… Read More

Writing for different purposes: Brazil 2014

This summer Brazil will be hot news and not just for the tropical weather there for, in June, it hosts the 2014 FIFA World Cup and two years later will host the Olympic Games. How much do you, your friends or your family know about the… Read More

Writing Rooney

By Alan Gibbons Writing the Read On biography of Wayne Rooney, Being Rooney, was a labour of love. I started supporting Manchester United in the 1967–8 season when City tipped us to the title by one point, but we became the first English… Read More

Ask a female footballer – part 1

We had some fabulous questions for our lady footballers from our lovely Tweeps. And the Glasgow City ladies have come back with equally fabulous and thoughtful answers!Let us introduce you to your pro responders: Your questions, answered: [Rachel] Sadly some people still have a… Read More