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Christmas and the Environment

Christmas time with thoughts of turkey dinners and Christmas presents rarely provides an opportunity for us to think of the environment but in these two activities, we can get children thinking about the other cost of Christmas and maybe think about how they can do something about it. Read More

National Tree Week

National Tree Week gives us the opportunity to celebrate one of the stalwarts of the English outdoors; the tree. We may think that it simply provides a feature in the landscape or shade or shelter but there's a whole lot more to trees that this set of activities will help your pupils discover. Read More

Fibonacci Day – 23rd November

Leonardo Fibonacci lived in the 12th and 13th century and was considered the greatest western mathematician of the Middle Ages. He helped to replace Roman numerals with the Arabic ones we know today but his most famous legacy is the Fibonacci Series, a number sequence from which comes a number known variously as the Golden Mean, the Golden Number or the Golden Ratio which mirrors the proportion seen in nature and perceived beauty. In this series of activities, pupils will investigate the sequence and see how the numbers discovered can be found in nature. Read More

KS1 Enrichment Games

In KS1 it’s imperative that we put maths into a practical perspective. Giving little ones maths in written form is too abstract and detaches them from the understanding of using maths in the real world. There are many ways to enrich KS1 maths with games and here we… Read More

Maths – Scaling up

Some tasks can be mind-numbingly tedious but sometimes have to be done. Here, we pose some questions that the more curious pupils might ask and set about answering them in an easy and roughly accurate way. Activity: Scaling Up Suitable for: Year 3 to Year 6 Learning… Read More


When it shines, we’re all aware of the passage of the sun and the shadows it creates. This activity allows the pupils to investigate shadows created by the sun and to use them to tell the time. There’s added extension in this activity as the pupils find that the ‘clock’… Read More

Science – Outdoor Art and Science

With the warmer summer weather on its way, there’s no better time to take science out to where it all happens and at the same time, incorporate a little art into the mix. These activities work for a range of ages and will ensure fun is had along with the… Read More

Maths – Multiplying and dividing

When I was young and first learning about multiplication, I was told to think of multiplication as ‘sets of’ items or numbers. Whilst this approach has lost a little of its appeal these days, the principle is useful in another way of doing division. Activity: Dividing Using Grids… Read More

Science – A World Without Water?

We’ve all done the topic on water where we decide what we use water for each day and how it gets to us. In fact, one of the most popular school trips is to a water treatment works or pumping station. This set of activities looks at water from a… Read More