How to add context to your GCSE 9-1 Computer Science lessons

One thing you can say about Computer Science as a teaching subject is that it certainly isn’t static! The nature of computing, new technology, processing speeds and programming language developments means that to stay relevant the courses that support it need to be ‘patched’ on a regular basis. I’ve… Read More

Secondary ICT: Using code to create events

The intention of this session is to move the students on to using code to create events, in this case programming buttons to make a calculator, although once the basic principles are mastered, there are other opportunities which the students could investigate. Arrangements needed prior to the lesson 1. Students… Read More
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Changes to the ICT Curriculum

With the new academic year upon us, I wonder what troubles lurk ahead and in particular the developing shape of the ICT/Computing curriculum.   As indicators of progress in alternative designs to the computing curriculum, I’ve just been reading reports of progress which have been written by the “Computing at School”… Read More