Lesson Plans

KS1 Science – Where is Science at Work Around Us?

To many young children, science is an abstract subject, which is why it is included in the world around us topics at EYFS. When pupils get a little older, the concept of science can be introduced as a subject in which we find out about things in our world and… Read More

English – The Battle of Waterloo

© BBC Two hundred years ago in a field ten miles south of Brussels in Belgium, the decisive battle of the Waterloo Campaign took place between the French under Napoleon and the British led coalition under the Duke of Wellington and Blucher. It is arguably the best known battle… Read More

Probability and the Brazil World Cup 2014

The games of the FIFA World Cup offer a great chance to work on probability using data read from charts. In the first activity the pupils will try to predict the results of group matches in three groups using FIFA rankings, the recent form of the teams and… Read More