primary activities

Baden Powell Anniversary

On the 8th January, 75 years ago, Robert Baden Powell died. Best known for starting the scout and inspiring the girl guides movement, he was also a successful military commander. Millions of girls and boys around the world will mark the day of the anniversary of his death and these… Read More


Investigations are more common to our work in science but they can prove invaluable in maths in helping pupils to understand mathematical reasoning. In these activities the pupils are presented with puzzles to solve and in doing so they will gain greater understanding of some key concepts. Activity One –… Read More

English – The Women’s Institute

  © The National Federation of Women’s Institutes of England   A hundred years ago, when it finally dawned that the Great War wasn’t going to end as quickly as many had hoped, a group of women decided to do what they could to help the war effort. The… Read More

English – The Battle of Waterloo

© BBC Two hundred years ago in a field ten miles south of Brussels in Belgium, the decisive battle of the Waterloo Campaign took place between the French under Napoleon and the British led coalition under the Duke of Wellington and Blucher. It is arguably the best known battle… Read More

English – The General Election

May 7 saw the political parties battle it out to see who would govern the UK for the next five years. It’s possible to do a topic on the election in two different ways, one focusing on the actual politics, the other on the election process which is what this set… Read More

Science – how we work

There’s plenty of information about the human body that we learn from science and from PE but there are also a lot of questions children ask that go unanswered in the science and PE curriculum. In this set of activities we look at some of the questions about our bodies… Read More