Science – Shapes and Strength

80 years ago the Hoover Dam opened in the Black Canyon on the Colorado River. At the time it was the largest construction project ever attempted and used previously unproven technology and building techniques. In the course of its construction over a hundred workers lost their lives but it was… Read More

Maths – Enrichment Games

Maths is fun to many anyway but you can make it even more fun and develop a deeper understanding of the processes involved by introducing more fun and practical activities. There are many ways to introduce fun activities and here, we share six of our favourites. Activity One: Function Steps… Read More

Maths: Shape

Activity 1: Tessellation Suitable for: Year 2 to Year 6 Learning Focus: Identify and use the properties of simple and more complex shapes to explain tessellation To be able to create a shape that tessellates and explain why it does   Tessellations are a fun maths and art… Read More