teaching for mastery

Teaching for mastery: The pros and cons

Written by Jo Lees Jo has taught and led mathematics in primary and secondary settings. She is a former member of ACME and is on the MA committee for CPD. In her current post, apart from co-authoring The Shanghai Maths Project for Collins, Jo leads a large local authority… Read More

Explaining a mastery approach to parents/carers

Every new generation of parents must scratch their heads when their children show them their maths homework, with methods of teaching and learning mathematics going through more changes than any other subject. Over the past fifty years there has been rote learning, then ‘new maths’, discovery learning, set theory and… Read More

What is Teaching for Mastery?

Mastery is not a new idea, but perhaps it seems like a new word that has been used for something we have always wanted for children – for them to understand conceptually and procedurally the mathematics they are learning. For this to happen, a number of things need to… Read More