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fixed mind-set

Growth and fixed mind-set

Explore the concept of growth and fixed mind-sets, and how these fixed mind-sets can be addressed to allow your students to excel. Read More

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Students Work Harder

Time is of the essence. Never has that adage been more true than in the current educational climate: we are working harder and harder, and expectations for student progress are increasing year on year. I want ALL of my students to make outstanding progress, but that means that they all… Read More
The Returned (French: Les Revenants)

A good return on ‘The Returned’

I like using a variety of completely authentic materials in the classroom to show learners that the language they are acquiring is also used in the real world! One of my sources is film trailers – or bandes-annonces. They have the advantage of being short and snappy so the viewing… Read More