The Titanic

Primary – Literacy Activities for the Titanic

Activity One – Come Sail With Us! Year 2 to Year 6 The Titanic was the most opulent, largest and most incredible ship ever built at the time of its maiden voyage. Hundreds of important people were on board, desperate to be there when history was made but not… Read More

Primary – The Science of the Titanic

Activity One – Floating and Sinking Year 1 to Year 6 Each year I’ve taught this aspect of science, the children have loved it. I think it’s the chance to muck about in water and also to make something that actually performs whilst testing it to destruction. All those… Read More

Primary – Numeracy Activities for the Titanic

When you look at the story of the Titanic, much of it is about numbers, there’s the number on board, the number who died, proportions of men to women who died and so on. You can use a lot of the information in comparisons and investigations. Read More

Primary – The Anniversary of the Sinking of the Titanic

At the risk of throwing the whole curriculum into disarray I’m a firm believer in being aware of anniversaries of the people and events that have shaped the nation or the world. Not for me the rigid sticking to textbooks and schemes of work and thankfully my head teacher agrees. Read More