Business News Quiz – 08.12.14

Business Quiz -NewspapersThe chairman of King Digital the maker of which popular mobile game, Melvyn Morris, has resigned and is taking a break from the UK firm? Melvyn Morris said he was going for “personal reasons”.

Angry Birds( )    Tetris ( )    Candy Crush ( )    Real Soccer ( )


Thomas Cook chief executive has resigned, saying her work at the travel firm “is complete”. Who is she?

Marissa Myer ( )    Harriet Green ( )    Karen Brady ( )    Indra Nooyi ( )


Poundland has reported a …..increase in half-year profits to £9.3m. What % was this?

16% ( )    15% ( )    17% ( )    12% ( )


Five films distributed by ???? appear to have been leaked online following a reported cyber-attack on the company last month. Among the titles is a remake of classic film Annie, which is not due for release until 19 December.

MGM ( )    Sony Pictures ( )    Film 4 ( )    Universal ( )


Black Friday has long been the most important day of the year for the US retail sector. For the third year in a row, a group of labour organisers and workers from which US company staged a series of strikes?

Target ( )    McDonalds ( )    Wal-Mart ( )    Starbucks ( )


Which company has developed a watch made from e-paper as part of an initiative to experiment with the use of the material for fashion products?

Nokia ( )    Google ( )    Microsoft ( )    Sony ( )


Which high-street bookseller may break even in the financial year if strong sales continue ahead of Christmas after £23m last year?

Waterstones ( )    WHSmith ( )     Printworks ( )    Barnes & Noble ( )


EE’s owners confirm talks to sell mobile network operator to which company for around £10bn?

Sky ( )    Virgin Group ( )    Talk Talk ( )    BT ( )


Which company has been told to ‘Stop Scrooging’ by living wage campaigners? Campaigners raise spectre of Scrooge to target fashion chain and other retailers’ pay policies?

Oasis ( )    TopShop ( )    Primark ( )    Next ( )


Which bank rolls out face-to-face video banking? The bank is to let customers talk to adviser on phones or computers at all hours but critics fear move will herald further branch closures?

Virgin Money ( )    Barclays ( )     Natwest ( )     Santander( )


Our weekly news quizzes are put together by Donna Jestin, Teacher of Business & Senior examiner for AQA and regular contributor to the Freedom to Teach Blog. 
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