Business News Quiz – 20.04.15

Which countries’ economic growth slowed further in the three months to March this year, expanding 7% compared to a year earlier, its slowest pace since the global financial crisis in 2009? Newspapers_49559614 small

Ireland ( )    China ( )    UK ( )    USA ( )


Which budget retailer has reported annual sales of more than £1bn? Their total sales in the UK and Republic of Ireland rose by 11.8% to £1.1bn, helped by the opening of 60 new stores.

Home Bargains ( )    Poundland ( )    Primark ( )    ALDI ( )


Centrica has announced the appointment of Mark Hodges as managing director of which energy company? Ending an 11-month search for a new leader.

Scottish Power ( )    E-on ( )    British Gas ( )    Northern Electric ( )


PepsiCo will sponsor the National Basketball Association, ending a deal between its arch rival Coca-Cola and the NBA last how many years?

42 ( )    35 ( )    50 ( )    28 ( )


Which Brooklyn-based online crafts marketplace, has priced its shares at $16, ahead of its stock debut in the US on Thursday?

Etsy ( )    E market ( )    Emoo ( )    Lavazza ( )


Who has unveiled its latest flagship phones with cameras that it says are capable of creating “professional” looking photos and videos?

Apple ( )    Samsung ( )    Huawei ( )    Nokia ( )


Which department store has posted positive results for the first half of its financial year, beating analysts’ expectations?

House of Fraser ( )    Selfridges ( )    Debenhams ( )    Harrods ( )


Who has received its largest order to date, worth £6.1bn ($9.2bn), to supply engines for 50 Emirates A380 planes?

Aero Gare ( )    Daewoo ( )    Rolls-Royce ( )    Boeing( )


Struggling US toymaker Mattel saw its sales drop for a sixth consecutive quarter as the appeal of which iconic doll continued to wane?

My little pony ( )    Cindy ( )    American Girl ( )    Barbie ( )


UK unemployment has fallen to its lowest rate since July 2008, official figures have shown. What level is it now?

2.84 million ( )    1.44 million ( )    1.84 million ( )    1.25 million ( )
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The Collins business news quizzes are compiled by business teacher Donna Hay.

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