Business News Quiz – 24.11.14

Business Quiz -NewspapersSales at have fallen, hit by what the retailer called “a shockwave” in the supermarket sector, sales at stores open more than a year were 1.6% lower in the third quarter, compared with the previous three months?

ASDA ( )    Aldi ( )    Tesco ( )    Waitrose ( )


Google’s YouTube is starting a subscription service that allows users to stream ad-free music videos and to download them for offline use. What is it called?

U Music ( )    Music U ( )    Music Key ( )    Key music ( )


UK inflation rose to an annual rate of in October, up from 1.2% in the previous month, official figures show?

1.6% ( )    1.5% ( )    1.7% ( )    1.3% ( )


Which football clubhas said that its revenue fell by 9.9% to £88.7m for the three months to the end of September? They lost out on payments from Nike from failing to qualify for the Uefa Champions League.

Manchester United ( )    Liverpool ( )    Chelsea ( )    Everton ( )


Which mobile messaging service has unveiled a new feature that will allow users to send money to other clients of the messaging app?

iMsg ( )    Facebook Messenger ( )    Snapchat ( )    What’s app ( )


Nokia is launching an Android-powered tablet, marking the Finnish company’s return to consumer electronics. The surprise launch pits the firm against Microsoft, which completed its takeover of Nokia’s previous mobile-devices business in April. What is it called?

JD3 ( )    N1 ( )    B2 ( )    D4 ( )


Which no frills airline has reported a 21.5% rise in annual pre-tax profits, helped by increased passenger numbers? Profits rose to £581m for the 12 months to end of September, up from £478m in the previous year.

Monarch ( )    Ryanair ( )    Easyjet ( )    Flybe ( )


Authorities in Brussels have charged which banks private banking arm, which is based in Switzerland, with helping wealthy Belgians to avoid taxes?

Natwest ( )    Barclays ( )    Santander ( )    HSBC ( )


Which countries economy has narrowly avoided recession, growing by 0.1% in the third quarter of the year, figures show?

Italy ( )    UK ( )    Germany ( )    France ( )


Staff who work in which company’s supply chain have voted in favour of strike action over pay?

DHL ( )    Post Office ( )    Royal Mail ( )    UPS ( )


Our weekly news quizzes are put together by Donna Jestin, Teacher of Business & Senior examiner for AQA and regular contributor to the Freedom to Teach Blog. 
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