Business News Quiz – 29.01.15

Newspapers_49559614 smallWho has become the latest major gas supplier to announce a price cut, with the news it is to reduce prices by 4.8% from February?

SSE ( )     Scottish Power ( )     Npower ( )     EDF ( )


The firm which makes a vast array of consumer products including Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, Lipton tea and Dove soap, said sales fell 2.7% to €48.4bn. Who are they?

GSK ( )     Phizer ( )     Unilever ( )     Coca Cola ( )


A “small” number of customers will share a refund of roughly £1m after they were wrongly charged VAT. Which mobile network provider is offering this?

EE ( )     O2 ( )     Vodafone ( )     T Mobile ( )


Shares in which internet TV streaming service have risen over 12% in after-hours trading after the company reported better-than-expected fourth quarter earnings?

Hulu ( )     Amazon Fire ( )     Side reel ( )     Netflix ( )


Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has raised $1bn (£659m) in funding from Fidelity Investments and which internet company?

Facebook ( )     Microsoft Bing ( )     Google ( )     Yahoo ( )


Which e-commerce giant is planning to cut 2,400 jobs in the first quarter, the company said on Wednesday?

ASOS ( )     eBay ( )     Apple ( ) ( )


Which messaging platform has announced that users can now send messages from their desktop web browsers?

WhatsApp ( )     Snapchat ( )     Verbs ( )     eBuddy Pro ( )


Who is the richest football club for the 10th year running?

Manchester United ( )     Real Madrid ( )     Galatasaray ( )     Chelsea ( )


Which South Korean carmaker has said its net profit fell 15% last year? The figure was worse than expected and its lowest profit

Toyota ( )     Hyundai ( )     Kia ( )     Peugeot ( )


The base salary of Apple chief executive was increased by almost 43% in February last year, according to the technology giant. Who is the CEO??

Terry Leahy ( )     Steve Jobs ( )     Tim Cook( )     Stuart Rose ( )



Our weekly news quizzes are put together by Donna Jestin, Teacher of Business and regular contributor to the Freedom to Teach Blog.  



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