Business News Quiz – 10.11.14

Which technology giant has reported profits of $6.8bn (£4.2bn) for the three months to September, buoyed by earnings from the firm’s stake in Alibaba”?

Google ( )     Yahoo ( )     Bing( )     Microsoft ( )


Two US food and drink titans have posted sharply lower profits for the July-to-September quarter. Who are they?

Pepsi and Taco Bell ( )     Dr Pepper and KFC ( )     Pepsi and Pizza Hut ( )     McDonalds and Coca Cola ( )


Which supermarkets sales are falling faster than any of its competitors, as it loses market share to discounters Aldi and Lidl, as well as to upmarket rival Waitrose?

ASDA ( )     Tesco ( )     Sainsbury ( )     Morrison’s ( )


Shareholders in fruit company Chiquita have voted against a merger deal with Irish rival Fyffes. What do they sell?

Banana’s ( )     Apples ( )     Pears ( )     Strawberries ( )


Which internet giant has reported a third-quarter loss of $437m (£273m) – up significantly from the $41m loss it reported for the same period last year?

Apple ( )     Microsoft ( )     Yahoo ( )     Amazon ( )


Which high street retailers shares have risen nearly 10% despite it reporting its 13th consecutive quarterly drop in clothing sales, which it blamed on “unseasonal conditions in September”?

House of Fraser ( )     Next ( )     Arcadia ( )     Marks and Spencer ( )


Requests by governments for which social networks user data are up by nearly a quarter in the first half of this year compared with the previous six months?

Instagram ( )     Facebook ( )     Twitter ( )     MySpace ( )


French cosmetics giant L’Oreal saw its sales growth in the third quarter fall to the lowest level since which year?

2007 ( )     2004 ( )     2010 ( )     2009 ( )
Which car manufacturer plans to has said it is planning to cut 2,600 jobs over the next 18 months?

Ford ( )     Rolls-Royce ( )     BMW ( )     Vauxhall ( )


Which emerging central bank has raised its key interest rate to 9.5% from 8% as it seeks to tackle inflation?

China ( )      Russia ( )     Brazil ( )     Mexico ( )


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