Business News Quiz – 11.11.13

Your topical business quiz for the week.

Which supermarket is installing face-scanning technology at its petrol stations to target advertisements to individual customers at the till?
Morrison’s ( )   Tesco ( )    ASDA ( )     Sainsbury ( )

Shares in which micro blogging site closed at $44.90 on Thursday, up more than 73% from their initial price of $26 each?
MySpace ( )   Facebook ( )     Instagram ( )    Twitter ( )

Who is to close four branches and move staff and banking services to nearby Asda stores? It said it then wanted to open another four branches in Asda supermarkets by early next year in an attempt to make banking more convenient?
HSBC ( )      Virgin Money ( )    Barclays ( )    Lloyds ( )

Shares closed up 8% at IAG after it reported pre-tax profits for the July-to-September quarter of 609m euros (£507m), up from 237m euros a year ago. Who do they own?
British Airways ( )    Easyjet ( )     Jet 2 ( )     Japan Airlines ( )

Which high street department store has released their annual famous advert?
Harvey Nichols ( )   John Lewis ( )    House of Fraser ( )           Selfridges ( )

Which Exeter-based airline, has announced plans to cut 500 jobs across the business, despite reporting a return to profit? Pre-tax profits were £13.8m for the six months to 30 September, compared with a loss of £1.6m a year earlier.
Flybe ( )      Ryanair ( )    Wizz Air ( )    Blue 1 ( )

PepsiCo, the US food and drinks giant behind the Pepsi-Cola, Walkers Crisps and Tropicana brands, is to invest $5.5bn (£3.4bn) in which emerging market by 2020? 
Turkey ( )    China ( )    Brazil ( )     India ( )

Which high Street chain has gone into administration, putting more than 1,000 UK and Irish jobs at risk? It is the third time in four years that they have gone into administration
Republic ( )    Barrett’s ( )    Mango ( )   Bank ( )  

Who is the latest energy company to say average gas and electricity price will rise by 3.9%? The company, one of the UK’s big six energy suppliers, is the latest provider to raise bills, but it says its rise is “half” that of its rivals.
EDF ( )     British gas ( )     Scottish Power ( )    NPower ( )

The UK’s inflation rate, as measured by the consumer prices index (CPI), fell to ??? in October from 2.7% the month before.
1.7% ( )     1.5%( )    2.2%  ( )     2% ( )


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