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I have been studying Italian for a couple of years now and plan to start a GCSE course in September. Throughout my studies so far I have been greatly aided by Easy Learning Italian Verbs and the Easy Learning Italian Dictionary. The Easy Learning Italian Verbs has been excellent for allowing me to quickly check verb infinitives and for flagging up irregular verbs clearing up any confusion I might have and helping me to complete homework assignments. The Easy Learning Dictionary not only offers me great translations and definitions but it also provides me with examples instantly placing the word into context which I feel really helps me to remember it.

I bought Easy Learning Italian Grammar & Practice to use over the summertime, as having the grammar advice and tips collated together looks like it will be really handy when I start my studies in September. Also the practice exercises provided at the end of each section have been helpful in refreshing my Italian knowledge before the course starts. The practice exercises so far have been really useful for helping me to remember those common irregular words and verbs mentioned in the different sections by returning to them in different practice exercises throughout the book -getting them to really stick in the brain!

What I have found really handy with the Easy Learning titles is that they provide lots of extra bits that also aid my studies, for example at the start of the Verbs and Grammar titles there is a really helpful Glossary of terms that defines all those grammatical words and phrases that I often get confused with (such as the difference between Past Perfect and Simple Past!). And being able to check the meaning of these in English is vital when coming across them in the different areas of my studies. Once I have achieved my GCSE in Italian I hope to continue studying the language and hope to one day achieve an A Level in the subject, for this I will definitely continue to use my Collins resource books.

by Emma

1. Sample exercises from Easy Learning Italian Grammar & Practice

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