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GCSE Media Studies – The External Assessment

This is the first year that most teachers will be entering candidates for the AQA GCSE Media Studies externally assessed unit Investigating the Media. As well as the need to deliver a new topic – Action Adventure Films, teachers need to get up to speed with a number of fundamental changes to the test that their candidates will be taking in June.

Listen to my podcast about how to prepare for the exam.  There is a full resource pack of podcasts and downloads available offering an essential resource to kickstart candidates’ study of the topic and to help prepare them so as to help optimise their attainment in the test.  It includes worksheets to guide students through the key concepts and develop their paper based production skills as well as advice for teachers on preparing candidates to meet the demands of this new style assessment

Read a free sample of guidance to teachers on the important changes to the test.

Pete Wall
AQA Chief Examiner

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