The Geographical Association Publishers’ Awards 2017

Collins Publishing Manager Fiona McGlade with Primary Connected Geography author David Weatherly

It was fantastic to see so many geography education specialists, authors and editors at this years’ Geographical Association Publishers’ Awards, and it was a particularly good night for Collins as we won the ‘Highly Commended’ award for our enquiry-based CPD programme Primary Connected Geography.

The judges found that: “Primary Connected Geography is a robust collection of resources which contains a wealth of detail and material, where the multi-media videos, photographs and PowerPoints are all of an excellent quality. The geographical content of the material is up-to-date and meaningful links to other subjects in the curriculum are made, helping to engage all learners effectively. Key subject vocabulary is explored and the well-structured resource helps teachers ensure there is good progression in understanding and skill development. The scheme is developed through enquiry questions which allow the pupils to explore the topics extensively, whilst also providing a wealth of background information to support the teacher. It was pleasing to see less familiar case studies such as Brunei being used as well as the challenging of gender stereotypes in a bid to stimulate the pupils’ thinking. The judges felt that for schools looking to refresh their geography curriculum without having to reinvent the wheel, this resource would do a good job.” 

Here’s what author David Weatherly had to say:

“I am proud that the scheme has been commended by the Geographical Association through this award. Primary Connected Geography has already received a lot of very positive feedback from teachers in schools which have adopted it. It encourages a love of learning geography amongst pupils through modern, challenging and engaging enquiries. At the same time it provides comprehensive professional support for their teachers. Everyone at Collins is delighted that this has been recognised by the Geographical Association – the leading subject association for teachers of geography.”

About the author

David Weatherly is a School Improvement Adviser and Curriculum Consultant who works with schools, teachers and trainee teachers nationally and internationally to design engaging and challenging curricula. David will continue his comprehensive national professional training programme for primary geography co-ordinators next academic year – for details see

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