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KS3 Geography – Changing fortunes on the High Street

Have you seen our brilliant new KS3 Geography case studies from the Geographical Association?

This 8-page resource about changing fortunes on the high street includes up-to-date information on this topical theme and 10 activities for you to do with your class.  Get cracking now!

Shop, or they start to drop…
Changing fortunes on the High Street

Take a walk down any ‘High Street’ – whether virtually, or in person – and you’ll notice signs that all is not well in many towns: they will say ‘To Let’.  The High Street faces real competition from out-of-town retail parks and the steady growth of supermarkets, both in number and in size. There is also the growing trend for people to shop online, combined with a reduction in many families’ finances which has affected customer confidence.

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