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Why non-fiction is as important as fiction

“If a child can and does read non-fiction texts, the world is their oyster – they can learn anything and everything they want to learn.”

This statement was written by writer Aidan Severs in his article ‘Six reasons why primary schools need to embrace non-fiction’ and Collins Big Cat couldn’t agree more!

The idea put forward in the article is that even though there is huge encouragement to regularly read fiction, it’s important to remember that non-fiction is also crucial to a child’s education.  Non-fiction enables children to gather background knowledge, which in turn can make their fiction reading experience more interesting.  This is because they can start to correspond fiction with facts they have learnt about the world, whether they be historical, scientific or topical.  As the article states, “a lack of background knowledge is a key reason for poor comprehension skills.”

Collins Big Cat offers a huge range of fantastic non-fiction books, and a new set of 10 books is available to pre-order now from our website with a 20% discount.

The books include:
–  Teaching notes written by a literacy expert
–  Different strategies for developing comprehension
–  A glossary and an index which aims to strengthen vocabulary
–  A visual reader response page to encourage pupils to reflect on what they have read

Use Collins Big Cat to help you deliver engaging guided reading sessions with these non-fiction books.  With a wealth of genres and topics to choose from, your pupils will have a rich reading experience.

Here are a few of the books that are now available to buy:

The Life Cycle of a Polar Bear
Catriona Clarke
This visually stunning book is perfect for cross-curricular study with science.
It follows the journey of a polar bear from cub to adulthood and finds out how they reach the top of the Arctic food chain and survive the frozen north.


Welcome to My City
Charlotte Raby
This book is perfect for cross-curricular study with geography. It takes the reader on a tour of four exciting – and very different – cities. Find out from 4 different characters within the book what it’s like to like in Paris, Abu Dhabi, Bristol and Los Angeles and discover: fun things to do; important landmarks; how the local landscape and climate have affected life in each city; the history of the city.

On The Track
Andy Seed
This book is perfect for cross-curricular study with history and physical education.
Track cycling has been around since the 1870, but it’s never been so popular as today. Find out all about the specialist bikes, breath-taking races and top riders in this book.



Severs, A. (2017)

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