Preparing for SATs

satsThis May, thousands of Year 2 and Year 6 children will sit their SATs and your child may be one of them. KS1 children may be unaware they are taking tests but at KS2 teachers will spend quite a lot of time preparing children for them at school. Many children will care that they do well in these tests and will do want to do their best.

As parents our role is to support them in this process, so they enter their assessments feeling confident, capable and relaxed.

159911-fc50What can you do at home to prepare?

Find out what your child will be tested on. At KS2, children will sit papers in Reading, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation, Reasoning and Arithmetic. Helping your child prepare for these tests can be a useful way to see where there may be gaps in their learning and understanding. Once spotted these gaps can be addressed. Investing in a few Collins practice workbooks is well worthwhile. The Collins KS2 SATs Question Books offer lots of practice of SATs-style questions with answers and checks so that you can see how your child might perform in the actual test. What’s more, there is one book per test that your child will sit so you can be sure you have covered everything that might be tested on.

Working through these will help your child recall what they have learned throughout their school year and affirm their understanding. Short bursts every now and again can make a difference. Preparation and practice can also really help your child relax and reduce their anxiety.

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