Primary cross-curricular – More fun ways to use the news

Next in our set of ‘Use the news’ activities, here’s an idea for every day that can be easily implemented and used to help speaking and listening skills.

Activity 2: Reporting the News

Fresh from their TV station exploits during the Have I Got News for You activity, some children wanted the chance to give the news in assembly so we decided that if someone had heard or read something on the news that morning, they could sit behind a desk with a spotlight on them and ‘Read the News’.

It sometimes meant a quick rewrite with the teacher but it worked really well and the assembled children loved having the ‘Nine O’clock News’ each day.

Following a spate of bizarre ties and outfits on the TV news they decided that they’d like the chance to dress up for it and so we had presenters in suits, dresses and even fancy dress. It was a fantastic way to help foster speaking skills.

Dave Lewis
Portsmouth High School Junior Dept

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