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Secondary Maths – Simply take…a set of mini whiteboards

This is an activity that could be used to improve students understanding of rules of divisibility.

Using a class set of mini whiteboards ask the students to write a single digit on their board.  (It is intentional to focus on the difference a ‘digit’ and a ‘number’).

Now ask them to arrange themselves in groups and use their digits to:
o   Make a number that is a multiple of 3
o    In the same group can they make another
… and another
… and another  (How many different numbers can the group make?)

o    Is it possible to join with another group?  Is this always possible?

The activity can be adapted for multiples of other numbers.  You could discuss what digits they might choose if they already knew what multiples they will be asked to make.  Try it and see what happens!

Sue Briggs
Previously a Maths Advisor in Somerset

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