How a Book is Made – The Illustrator

Meet Matt Timson, illustrator. Matt drew all the pictures on the cover and inside the exciting Lone Wolf book. Matt is going to tell you about how he brought this dark and frightening tale to life with images. Matt… Read More

The influence of comics

When I started cooperating with my son Robbie on The Name is Kade and Gladiator, we were both aware that young readers now have a lot more competition for their time than when I was a kid in the Fifties… Read More

Drawing Stories with Neill Cameron

A uniquely brilliant thing about comics is simply that they tell a story through drawings. This makes the experience of reading a comic a fantastic collaboration between the creator and the reader, who has to use their own imagination to join those pictures together into a story.    … Read More

Comics – the gateway to reading

Every single week when I was a child there was no other experience like holding in my own hand the latest and unread issue of my favourite comic. It was called Boys World, and that feeling of trembling excitement every Friday when it dropped through the letterbox was pure delight. Read More