The Lazy Larry Show: assisting you in the teaching of SPAG

The Lazy Larry Show: an online animated series designed to assist in the teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar, from Peter Morrisson. “Once again ladies and gentlemen, for both your edification and your entertainment, welcome to The Lazy Larry Show, starring that paragon of teenage idleness himself, Lazy… Read More

Teach GCSE Writing through Grammar

Spelling, punctuation and grammar is on the agenda again. Not only do our key stage 2 students have to sit the controversial ‘grammar tests’, but most subjects now need to award marks for SPG at GCSE level. So, we need to help our… Read More
girl enjoying writing

Applying Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation in Writing

Teaching vocabulary, grammar and punctuation for better performance in the VGP key stage tests is important for league tables and inspections, but, for many children, it does little to improve spoken and written language. It’s possible, however, to teach VGP in such a way that it leads to high quality writing, while simultaneously preparing for good grammar test results. Read More

Secondary English – Combating comma-splicitis in the classroom!

Comma-splicitis: (comma-splice-i-tis) A severe punctuation disorder which leads to a total inability to discriminate between the entirely separate functions of the comma and the full stop. Now that the flu season has finally retreated, English teachers can renew their assault on that other perfidious plague which remorselessly infects classrooms right… Read More

Secondary English – Grammar Rocks!

‘Mr Morton is the subject of the sentence, and what the predicate says he does.’ So says the catchy Grammar Rock anthem.  Never heard of it?  Then try typing Mr Morton into Google and see what you get. Yes, he really is that famous! Of course, you may be questioning… Read More