All about Rio: Lesson Ideas

This summer the Olympics, the biggest sporting event on earth, arrive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Major sporting events are a great excuse for finding out about different countries and cultures and the Olympics are no exception. Through these activities, pupils will gain an understanding of life in Brazil and how… Read More

Love Sports competition – Activity Ideas

We’ve all been treated to a feast of sporting excellence this summer with football’s FIFA World Cup held in Brazil in June and July and the triumphs of our athletes in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in July and August. Next year we’ve got rugby’s world cup and the start of… Read More

Olympic Follow Up

There have been many activities related to the Olympics made available over the past few years, and especially in the final lead up to the events this summer. However I thought that I would include here some thoughts from events that I attended and also an activity that I have… Read More

Chemical Olympics

Chemistry is involved in everything we do – the materials that we use to construct buildings, tools and machines, the fuels we burn, the foods we eat and the way our bodies work. Here we look at some of the special ways that Chemistry is used in the London 2012… Read More

Secondary Geography – Going underground!

Transport for London has just released a new poster map to coincide with the London Olympics. The familiar stations across the network have been replaced by what are called ‘Olympic Heroes’. These include athletes and other people connected with the games, which have been arranged in lines which make up… Read More

Primary – using the Olympics in Science

Activity One – Muscle groups Year 1 to Year 6 Ask the children to tell you what it is in our body that helps us to move and to complete tasks. Some will say bones and joints; others will correctly identify the muscles. If you have studied bones and… Read More

Primary – using The Olympics in Art

Activity One – Photo Montage Year 1 to Year 6 The Olympics will be covered in great detail by the world’s media and whilst millions of words will be written about the games we’re going to focus on the adage that says ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. Read More

Primary – using The Olympics in Numeracy

Activity One – Big Numbers Year 1 to Year 6 The number 2012 means more than just a year to most people for 2012 is the name most people give to the London 2012 Olympics. There are a mass of really big numbers involved in the games from the… Read More

Primary – using The Olympics in Literacy

Activity One – Following tweets Year 4 to Year 6 Tweeting is one of the least known but most popular internet communication methods and enables the world to find out what is happening to famous and not so famous people during their day. In the run up to the… Read More

Primary – The Olympics

The Olympics are nearly upon us so time to limber up, stretch those imaginations, aim to beat personal bests and become champion learners. In planning meetings in school there have often been quite heated discussions over whether we should ‘follow the curriculum’ or respond to the world around us. To… Read More