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The new school year-
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This blog has been written by Jane Turner, Snap Science Series Editor and Director of the Primary Science Quality Mark. Plan your monitoring activity Ask yourself: • How can I find out what is happening with science? • Which areas are strengths to celebrate and which areas need to… Read More

National Tree Week

National Tree Week gives us the opportunity to celebrate one of the stalwarts of the English outdoors; the tree. We may think that it simply provides a feature in the landscape or shade or shelter but there's a whole lot more to trees that this set of activities will help your pupils discover. Read More

National Tree Week – KS1

It’s National Tree Week and it’s a great time to get younger pupils involved in studying trees to gain a better understanding of the role they play in the world. We’re keeping it simple but the activities we’ve planned for you to get young pupils involved and helps them find… Read More

World Maths Day: 14th October 2015

World Maths Day is a fabulous way to celebrate the world of maths but there’ll be some for whom maths isn’t their favourite subject and a maths day may be their idea of torture. Planning World Maths Day to not just be a day of maths will help… Read More


When it shines, we’re all aware of the passage of the sun and the shadows it creates. This activity allows the pupils to investigate shadows created by the sun and to use them to tell the time. There’s added extension in this activity as the pupils find that the ‘clock’… Read More

Science – how we work

There’s plenty of information about the human body that we learn from science and from PE but there are also a lot of questions children ask that go unanswered in the science and PE curriculum. In this set of activities we look at some of the questions about our bodies… Read More

Maths – Graphing Equations

Students will be used to solving algebra equations but in this activity, we will consider how algebra can help us to solve maths puzzles such as sequences. Suitable for: Year 4 to Year 6 Learning Focus: Represent a problem as an algebraic equation Use graphs to help… Read More

Science: Identifying Trees

One of the finest aspects of the English landscape, be it open countryside, forest or even urban parks is the number and diversity of our trees. Very few children these days can identify trees from their leaves and this activity will help them gain greater knowledge of how trees can… Read More