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National Tree Week – KS1

It’s National Tree Week and it’s a great time to get younger pupils involved in studying trees to gain a better understanding of the role they play in the world. We’re keeping it simple but the activities we’ve planned for you to get young pupils involved and helps them find… Read More

KS1 Science – Where is Science at Work Around Us?

To many young children, science is an abstract subject, which is why it is included in the world around us topics at EYFS. When pupils get a little older, the concept of science can be introduced as a subject in which we find out about things in our world and… Read More

Maths – Graphing Equations

Students will be used to solving algebra equations but in this activity, we will consider how algebra can help us to solve maths puzzles such as sequences. Suitable for: Year 4 to Year 6 Learning Focus: Represent a problem as an algebraic equation Use graphs to help… Read More