Secondary Modern Foreign Languages

Tackling transition

One of the more disturbing statistics to emerge from the recently published Language Trends survey was the fact that only 46% of the primary schools surveyed had had any contact with the language specialists in their local secondary schools and only 11% of the secondary schools in… Read More

Lots in translation!

Much has been said and written about whether or not translation has a place in the language classroom. I believe it’s a skill worth developing in our young language learners. It’s a practical skill for the real world. And, of course, it’s also now part of the Key Stage 3… Read More
Comic strip from Mission: français

Longer MFL Texts in a Bite-Sized World

The new draft criteria for GCSE and the PoS for KS3 place a renewed emphasis on longer pieces of reading material and literary texts. But how do we engage pupils in longer texts in a world where everything has become bite-sized, where book pages look like magazines, where everything is… Read More

Easy Learning practice books

I have been studying Italian for a couple of years now and plan to start a GCSE course in September. Throughout my studies so far I have been greatly aided by Easy Learning Italian Verbs and the Easy Learning Italian Dictionary. The Easy Learning… Read More