Business News Quiz – 22.10.14

The boss of ___________ Satya Nadella, has apologised for remarks he made advising women not to ask for a pay rise but to
have “faith in the system”?

Google   ( )    Yahoo   ( )    Bing  ( )    Microsoft   ( )

The chief executive officer of which US retail clothing chain – recently opened in Bermuda- is stepping down?
Body Shop  ( )    Nine West ( )   Gap ( )   French Connection ( )

Pay in the private sector is likely to rise faster than public sector wages in how many years? A report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies has said.
Nine ( )    Four ( )    Two ( )    Seven ( )

Which supermarket giant has asked three more executives to leave their posts as the fall-out continues from its £250m ($404m) profit guidance overstatement? They take the number of suspended executives to eight.
Sainsbury ( )    Tesco ( )     Walmart ( )    Carrefour ( )

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has said the firm’s biggest rival in online search is e-commerce giant _______?
Apple ( )    Microsoft ( )    Yahoo ( )   Amazon ( )

Which fast food restaurant if to open its first Myanmar (Burma) outlet in 2015?
Mc Donalds ( )    KFC ( )    Burger King ( )    Pizza Hut( )

What % of 15 to 18-year-olds in the UK have met someone in person they originally met through social media?
33% ( )    25% ( )    50% ( )    70% ( )

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella has been given a pay package worth making him one of the top earners in the tech industry.
$7.8m ( )    $4.5m ( )     $75.8m ( )    $84.3m ( )

Which countries economic growth has slowed to more than five-year low?
Brazil ( )    Russia ( )    France ( )    China ( )

Which German airline has begun their 8th strike of the year?
Lufthansa ( )    Air Berlin ( )    Eurowings ( )    Air hamburg ( )


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