Business Quiz News – 11.09.15

Which Japanese car maker has announced it will invest £100m in its UK plant to build the new Juke model?

Toyota ( )         Nissan ( )             BMW   ( )               Jaguar ( )


Which restaurant chain is to stop deducting an 8% administration fee from staff tips made by card?

Tampopo ( )            Prezzo ( )        Pizza Express( )       Wagamama ( )


Which low cost airline has raised its full-year profit forecast to between £675m and £700m after enjoying better-than-expected trading in August?

Easyjet ( )       Ryanair( )             Flybe ( )            Jet2 ( )


Which supermarket has sold Homeplus, its South Korean business, for £4.2bn as the troubled supermarket chain seeks to shore up its balance sheet?

Morrisons ( )           Sainsbury( )           ASDA ( )            Tesco ( )


Which emerging markets imports in August fell 14.3% from a year ago?

Mexico ( )          China ( )            Brazil ( )                 Russia ( )


Which troubled Japanese conglomerate has posted a net loss of 37.8bn yen ($318m; £209.3m) for the year to March?

Toshiba ( )            Canon Inc ( )                  Alibaba ( )                     Hitachi ( )


This week Apple has unveiled a larger iPad tablet, a TV box with its own app store and new iPhones that can detect how firmly their screens are being pressed. Who is the CEO of Apple?

Tim Cook ( )             Steve Jobs ( )                Steve Wozniak ( )              Jonathon Ive ( )


Which surfing clothing firm has filed for bankruptcy in the US after it lost 79% of its market value this year?

Fat Face ( )            Quiksilver ( )               Billabong ( )                 O’Neil ( )


Which European airline cancelled just under half of its long-haul flights planned for Tuesday after its pilots’ union called a strike?

Virgin Atlantic ( )              British Airways ( )           Lufthansa ( )              Spanair ( )


The Bank of England has voted 8-1 to keep interest rates on hold at?   

0.5% ( )             0.6% ( )                0.7% ( )                  0.8%( )



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