Business News Quiz – 24.05.13

1. Which supermarket has agreed to enter a joint venture with Ocado?

2. Which PC and laptop manufacturer has suffered a 79% drop in profits this year?

3. MPs are currently challenging the amounts of tax paid by which internet giant?

4. Which multi billion pound, government funded project is intended to bring the north and south of the UK closer together, with the intention of fuelling economic growth?

5. Which European nation announced this week that its economy had once again returned to recession?

6. Which two oil companies have been accused of price fixing for the last ten years?

7. UK unemployment is currently at what level?

8. Pharmaceutical firm that developed ‘viagra’?

9. ‘Branding experts’ believe that the Beckham brand is set to become worth how much following the retirement of David Beckham this week? (Closest answer to the nearest £million gets the point :0)

10. Name two brands owned by GSK.

11. Which company has just bought the blogging site Tumblr?

12. A company made up of former employees from which company has shown off Jolla, a new smartphone with a custom operating system known as Sailfish.

13. Which company has said it plans to recall about 841,000 vehicles worldwide due to a faulty steering wheel?

14. The UK’s economy grew at what % in the first three months of the year?

15. Which car giant will shut all its Australian manufacturing plants by October 2016, after more than 85 years of making vehicles in the country?

Donna Jestin


1. Morrisons
2. Dell
3. Google or Amazon acceptable
4. HS2 – high speed rail link
5. France
6. Shell and BP
7. 2.52m
8. Pfizer
9. £300m
10. Aquafresh, Macleans, Beechams, Advair, Ribena, Lucozade
11. Yahoo
12. Nokia
13. Nissan
14. 0.3%
15. Ford Motor


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