Business News Quiz – 27.05.15

Business Quiz -NewspapersShares of the maker of popular mobile game Candy Crush fell as much as ??? in after-hours trading after it warned of weaker profits. 

17% ( )    26% ( )    20% ( )    14% ( )


Hornby, the model toy firm, will re-launch its range of which toy to mark the character’s 70th anniversary?

Cindy ( )    Thomas the Tank Engine ( )    Danger Mouse ( )    Roland Rat ( )


Which drinks giant has agreed to acquire Meantime Brewing Company, a London-based craft brewer? The deal gives them a foothold in the “fastest-growing segment of the UK beer market”, the company said in a statement.

Feel Good Drinks Co ( )    SABMiller ( )    GlaxoSmithKline ( )    Josta ( )


Which Japanese electronics maker has agreed a 200bn yen ($1.7bn; £1bn) bailout from banks, after announcing further losses and job cuts?

Samsung( )    Microsoft ( )    Sharp ( )    Alibaba ( )


High Street retail giant Marks and Spencer has reported its first rise in annual profits for four years, saying it has made “good progress”. What level is the profit now?

£661.2m ( )    £761.12m ( )    £861.21m ( )    £561.2m ( )


US President Barack Obama has just launched his own Twitter feed, the White House has confirmed? 

@Obama ( )    @FLOTUS ( )    @Barrack ( )    @POTUS ( )


The main measure of UK inflation turned negative in April for the first time on record, with the rate falling to …???

-0.1% ( )    -0.7% ( )    -0.4% ( )    -0.6% ( )


Which fast food giant is facing pressure from both workers and investors, who are increasingly unhappy with the firm’s business strategy? They demanded the fast food giant raise wages to $15 per hour, from $9.

Pizza Hut ( )    KFC ( )    McDonald’s ( )    Burger King ( )


Who has said it plans to cut up to 1,600 jobs across 12 of its nuclear power sites by September 2016?

Sellafield ( )    Horizon Nuclear ( )    BHP ( )    Magnox ( )
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