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Business News Quiz

1. There have been calls to strip who of their knighthood if they did not repay £571m to the BHS pension fund?
Lord Alan Sugar     Sir Philip Green     Sir Richard Branson     Baroness Karren Brady

2. Ofgem has asked ??? to pay £18m for customer service failings linked to a new computer system?
Scottish Power     NPower     EDF     British Gas

3. Profits almost tripled last year at the world’s biggest e-commerce company, who are they?
Amazon      EBay     Alibaba     Baidu

4. Which daily newspaper is set to close today, just nine weeks after it was launched?
One Day     Today     New Day     24 Hours

5. Who is set to invest £6bn in faster broadband and mobile services?
BT     Sky     Talk Talk     Virgin

6. The European Central Bank is to withdraw which note, over fears it may lead to fraud.
€50     €500     €100     €1000

7. The Australian entrepreneur who has claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin has reneged on a promise to present new “proof” to support his case. Who is he?
Erik Hunt     Erik Wright     Craig Hunt     Craig Wright

8. Which electric car maker says it is on track to produce 500,000 vehicles in 2018, two years earlier than expected?
Tesla Motors     Nissan     VW     Kia

9. Which ecommerce company has appointed a former vice-president of the European Commission to its new public policy board?
Amazon     Uber     Play.com     Air BNB

10. Which company’s advert slogan is … “experience a place like you live there”.




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