Business News Quiz – 27.06.14

Which coffee chain firm will pay college fees for US workers to complete a bachelor’s degree online in a tie-upcoffee with Arizona State University?

Seattle’s Best Coffee  ( )           PJ’s Coffee ( )               Starbucks  ( )                    The Human Bean ( )


Which  low cost airline has cancelled plans to list on the London stock market citing “market volatility in the airline sector”.

Wizz Air( )                   Ryanair( )                        Norweigan Air Shuttle ( )              Easyjet ( )


The number of days taken off work through sickness is at a record low, says industry body the EEF. The survey of 330 firms over the past two years showed overall levels of absence reached a record low of?

5.1% ( )                   3.1%( )                       2.1%,( )                     6.1% ( )


Which luxury handbag firm says it will introduce lower-priced products after an attempt to move further upmarket hit sales and profits?

DKNY ( )                     Radley  ( )                   Michael Kors  ( )                   Mulberry ( )


UK inflation rate have fallen to ??? in May? Bonus mark… What is Inflation?

1.25%( )                       1.5%( )                           1%( )                            0.75% ( )


Which technology company is exchanging  ‘overheating’ European USB power adapters as they “may overheat and pose a safety risk”?

Samsung  ( )                   Amazon ( )                       Nokia ( )                      Apple ( )


Which UK supermarket chain plans to cut 2,600 jobs as a result of changes to its management structure? The firm, which has 126,000 staff, will reduce layers of management, it said. Bonus mark… What is this called?

Tesco   ( )                      Morrisons ( )                     Waitrose ( )                Sainsbury ( )


Who will remove music videos by artists such as Adele, Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead, because the independent labels to which they belong have refused to agree terms with the site?

YouTube ( )                      Spotify ( )                          Jango( )                             Music for all ( )


Facebook has launched a photo-messaging app one week after accidentally releasing it on Apple’s app store. What is it called?

Slingshot ( )                          Slingchat ( )                         Snapchat ( )                  Chatsling ( )


Amazon has unveiled its first handset, offering 3D visuals – thanks to four face-tracking cameras on its front – and gesture controls. The chief executive of amazon announced the phone at a press event in Seattle. Who is the CEO?

Stephen Elop ( )                    Tim Cook( )                           Jeff Bezos( )                       Lee Kun-hee ( )


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