Business Studies: A great way to teach enterprise, product and more

A great way to introduce enterprise, product, patents, innovation and many more topics….

Peekaboo hatI’m sure many teachers have tried to think of new products and services that have been launched to teach the topic of enterprise or even product from the Marketing Mix.

Peekaboos are a new product that started by accident and have become a hit across the pond in the USA.

12 years ago Danica knitted the hat…

Starting as a happy accident, Peekaboos® Ponytail Hats found their way into the world during a winter getaway in northern Wisconsin. Their founder, Danica, was trying to make a standard hole-free hat, without the use of a pattern (she rebels against the use of patterns) and wound up with a goofy, bright pink holey-hat. First, strictly for entertainment’s sake, Danica tossed the hat on while tossing her hair out of its inadvertent gap… and then, it clicked. The brand name came next, an idea from her mother. Peekaboos® Ponytail Hats. Such a problem-solving idea, and so surprising it wasn’t in the market yet!

Even she wasn’t impressed with the design at first…

Peekaboo hat 2“Looking back, I can’t believe I wore that in public, because it was pretty shabby and ridiculous,” Lause said in an interview with BizTimes Milwaukee.

There are some great topics that teachers can use this business for, its an excellent way to talk about and introduce product as well as enterprise. In addition innovation could also be talked about with the unique design.

As well as this its always good for students to see businesses that are successful but are not the typical Apple, Tesco, Google etc so its gives them a great balance for their learning and understanding.

Click on the picture for an interview with the inventor!

Peekaboo hat 3This video could make a really great starter to your business to ask about the topics mentioned above, as she talks about patents, design and product. As well as many of the skills that an entrepreneur needs to have to succeed!


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