Free ‘safe’ music resources for Primary School Music Teachers (Key Stage 1) from My First Piano books by Karen Marshall

Click here for a pack of eight paper resources for Key Stage 1 music activities that comply with government guidelines for safe lessons (NB. at the time of writing* – September 9th, 2020):

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(Choose ‘Downloadable resources for My First Piano Book & My First Piano Pieces, Puzzles & Activities’ and ‘Safe music activities for KS1’).

They are taken from the new My First Piano books written by Karen Marshall – the author, herself a primary music specialist, will be using these in her lessons and thought you might like them too!

Anyone interested in the books can find more information and additional free resources here:

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Karen said: “It’s a challenging time for primary school music teachers where we have had to adapt like never before. Music is so vital to the wellbeing of our children. I hope these resources play their small part in making things a tiny bit easier for teachers whilst providing fun for children in their music lessons. I wish everyone a wonderful start to the term, stay safe and happy music-making.”

*Always check the latest government advice and follow your own school policies.

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